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Innovation Side


It is a web-marketing agency specializing in different forms of communication on the web to help develop customer relationships as well as brand visibility.

Their main services are focused on performance analysis based on a strategy studied with the client.

They therefore provide them with dashboards in order to track key performance indicators.

Based on a few tools such as SEO, Content Marketing, Emailing campaign, Content writing and optimization, Blog creation and animation, Community management on social networks, Advertising campaign (AdWords).

They have already worked with some European and local partners (in Algeria).

They have not decided on a tagline yet: probably – Creative growth.

This Logo was done to integrate it first into the agency’s website.

It will appear on the Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn as well.

In addition to the supports that will be created: E-book, video, and administrative doc.

Innovation Side
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(213) 798 71 80 13


Cite Freres Ferrad.

Constantine, Algeria.


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